Real Lives – Margaret

My name is Margaret and I've been a member of Cambray Baptist Church since 1981.

I come to Cambray to worship God, hear His word and hopefully grow in my faith.  Also I have a lovely church family here who mean so much to me.  They have seen me through becoming a widow 15 years ago, and sadly losing a son in law very unexpectedly In January this year.

It is now October 2020. What a year so far and how so much in life has changed! But one thing that hasn't changed is God's ever-present love for me, without any conditions attached. It is wonderful to know that I can keep on Trusting Him, serving Him as well as I am able in Lockdown and even during a pandemic. It is amazing to know that however much I have failed Him, (which has been often in these trying times, especially in the early days when I couldn't go to be with my newly bereaved daughter and grandaughter!) God has forgiven me. He is so gracious, and keeps bringing me back to Himself.

God has forgiven me, been very Gracious and keeps bringing me back to, Himself.

Personally I have really disliked being confined, but have enjoyed doing lots of reading, gardening and in early spring the weather was so gorgeous that sitting out and getting a bit of a tan was a definite plus.

But we've not been able to see the Church Family and have to watch the services on YouTube. Mind you the positive side of that was being able to still be in PJ's and drinking coffee and having toast during the service!

There is so much love, care and friendship which I wouldn't like to do without!

You know, in church there is so much love, care and friendship, which I wouldn't like to do without!

So why don't you come along too? You can hear about and come to know Jesus, my saviour, who came in to my life 60 years ago.

I want to finish by wishing you all my warmest Christmas greetings at this Christmas time, and to those reading who already know Jesus as their Saviour and friend, to remind you that He will 'Never leave you nor forsake you'!

Your response?

If you want to think more about what Christmas should mean, and how to trust in Jesus, we have two resources that might help. The first is a 'help yourself' resource called The Four Points. On this website you can listen to four short videos which tell you more about how to come to know Jesus as your saviour. The second is a course you can join - The Alpha Course. It's being run on ZOOM and there will be many others there too.